Just looking for some feedback. I posted on here a few months ago with version 2 of this song, now I'm on version 3 and have included 2 guitars instead of just the single.
I'm putting out a CD this Christmas for just my close family and friends and want it to be a surprise-- so I don't want them to hear the song and give me feedback,
but if you would like to help me It would be appreciated!

The song is in my profile, "Break Through Version 3 - 2 Guitars"

thanks in advance.
I use Garageband.
For a little program it offers zero latency recording and tons of customizable effects. Its worth every penny, and I would say GarageBand and Logic Express\Logic Pro are a must if you plan to do recording. Also, the guitar rings nice and clear because its an electric-acoustic. I have it hooked right into my laptop so there is no back round noise.

As far as the reverb, I could tone it down. I'll give the song a few more listen-overs- but I'm going for an "ocean" like feel with the CD. the majority of the songs are re verb heavy.
Thanks for the comment,