i just bought an acoustic drum kit, so...

1. any tips or tricks to make IT sound the best it can, i know I need practice but kit tips.

2. it has a dent in the bass drum should i return it and get another or does it not matter?

3. i cant get 2 of the heads to not wrinkle and i did my best to get even tension across the head and no matter how tight it gets it still does it, is it a bad head or me bein a dumbass

thanks for time
1) I can't recall anything more proper setting for best sounding drums. The thing about drums is that they are really quality depended, that means almost anything cheap doesn't have a chance to sound good most of the times. Especially the cymbals and snare.

2) Would be best to return it, so your drums would be in mint condition, like everything should, when you are paying for it.

3) Try going to a music store and asking some of the guys there for proper setup (try the place you bought them from, maybe they can set it up for you free of charge)
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