I saw you there
at the party
you were with everyone
and everyone wasnt me
they were all flirting with you
but not me
i was too shy
i couldnt bring myself to start a conversation
with someone whos face is more beautiful
than sunset
you voice was like an angelic chorus
you came to me
i talked to you
you were there for me when i needed you
i will be there for you
you are the most beautiful person i know
your feelings are locked inside the tightest safe
and no-matter how hard i pry
how many combinations i try
i cannot open it
you may not love me
maybe one day i will find the combination
but i will not leave until that day

hmmm i think this is better than the other
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Really got it bad for this person, huh? Been there. I like it. Very straight forward and heartfelt. I got the sense that you wanted to say more but held yourself back a little and just gave small glimpses of scenes in this part of your history with this person. Good Job.
I like it. I happen to feel the same way about someone at this moment and find that even though this is smothered in cheese, it works. I love the safe bit you got there, it really fits well, and I personally haven't ever heard it used. Kudos.

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