Hey, Pit.
So today I decided to watch a Youtube video, however as the video commenced I realised that no sound was coming out of my speakers.
Confused by this, I opened up iTunes and tried listening to some songs, to make sure that it wasn't a problem with Youtube itself. No sound came out of my speakers.

Later, I opened up a Guitar Pro file, and found that sound works with that.

So, I can hear MIDI files, but I can't hear anything else like MP3s etc.

Anyone know what the problem is?

Edit: I could hear everything perfectly the day before, and I did not touch/change anything that I know of to make this occur.
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Open the mixer (usually comes up when you click the volume icon) and see if anything is turned all the way down that shouldn't be...that's usually what it is when I can hear regular music but not midi files, so maybe the reverse happened to you...