I don't know how I over looked this amp. From the search I found that it does indeed play the classic rock that I played. GC has 15% off tomorrow which will bring the price of the head down to just under $300.00.

Is this a solid amp or a flimsy peace of crap? I'm a bit worried about the SS rectifier.

I was also looking at a amp kit from the boys at ax84, specifically the 18w TMB P1 HO. I was looking at the Tiny Terror as well. The P1 with all parts, without enclosure is $360.00. I found a TT on fleabay for $475.00

So tell me guys, how this BH sound? Lay the scoop on me. I'm also looking for a 1x12 cab so suggest a way.

Edit: The Blackheart is a Crate????
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First off, give it a try, these 5 watt amps aren't for everyone. Second, they are well suited for classic rock. Third, yes, blackheart is owned by crate and is basically replacing the v series. Fourth, who cares about the ss rectifier? Fifth, if you have enough money for a better amp I'd probably go for it, for classic stuff I think a TT would be way better.
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Thanks Kevin the Devil is 15w. I may care about the SS rectifier or I would not have mentioned it. I hope it don't sound like those crappy V series, sorry guy's, I just did not like it at all. The TT is pushing my budget. If I could find a smokin deal on one I would go for it.
My bad, I say blackheart and immediately thought about the little giant

Normally I'd say try it out and buy it later (this will help you get over the wow factor), but you obviously can't in this case. Try it out and if you really like it then pick it up. Personally, I think you'd be more satisfied if you saved up and got the TT, it's usually cheaper in the long run to spend a little more than to want to upgrade sooner.

I still don't understand your concern with the rectifier, almost all amps now a days are ss rectified.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
I've heard some of those cheap rectifiers jack with a potentially good tone, good design with crappy parts, kinda like the valveking. I'm listening to some clips, sounds nice so far. These are the combos but I was looking at the BH112 cab as it has a decent sounding Eminence speaker.
The rectifier is just a few diodes, it's no more important that any other component in the amp. Any amp that is less than 500 (hell, maybe higher) is gonna have cheap components, that's life.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
I love my Handsome Devil, it's great. Don't be worried, mine has given me no trouble for the past 2 or 3 months I've had it, I recently replaced the tubes and this amp sings. I have the combo though.

You can get a great classic rock tone out of it without any pedals, getting any farther then that though, and you'll need an overdrive. Yes, technically the Blackheart is a Crate "model", but it is independently designed by a guy in Austin, Texas.

As always, try before you buy.
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^Either way, it's the same koreans putting it together.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Quote by Kevin Saale
^Either way, it's the same koreans putting it together.

Yeah, but the Koreans did a good job on my amp at least.
Player, give me some brew an I might just chill
but I'm the type that like to light another joint like Cypress Hill
I'm not knocking the quality, my amp was made in mexico, all I'm saying is it's still a crate, whether or not it was "designed" by someone else.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
If you REALLY don't want a SS rectifier, there's this mod for the LG: http://www.mojomusicalsupply.com/item.asp?pid=577299&pg=44991&id=5550100

Looks like it allows for a tube rectifier, among other things.
Eventually, there should be a kit released for the HD, if there's not one already.

^Looks like it runs on one EL84 and one 12AX7. I haven't actually LOOKED in one, but from the spec pages I saw, it ran on 1 EL84 and a 12AX7.
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The handsome devil runs 2 12AX7's and 2 EL84's.

It is a crate.

SS rectifiers don't matter that much, though it is moddable I believe.

Crate V series are just as good, IMO.
it is a great amp. the ss rectifier really wont give you trouble. a lot of amps in that range use it. however i think you will be happier with the tiny terror. try both and see what you like
A little thing I wanted to say about solid state rectifiers:
They are not in your signal path, hence they only influence your tone to a minimal amount. Since the diodes are not in you signal path, an amp with an ss rectifier is still considered a 100% valve amp. An amp with an ss rectifier will generally have less trouble coping with low frequencies at high volumes, with tube rectified amps it's the other way around. SS rectified amps also respond more directly than valve rectified ones, which have a little slower attack and are a tad 'smoother' because of that, for the lack of a better word.
Generally, modern voiced amps use ss rectifiers, even the 3000$ ones.

I am also looking at the BH15 right now...does anybody know how much headroom it has? I need something that can do cleans at band-volume.
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Well the TT was just too much as I'm unemployed right now. I did play it, very nice, but not the best deal on the planet, I looked for a used one and ebay. Just too much money.

No one in town had the Blackheart to play, but all the sound clips were very good. I ordered the Blackheart and the matching 112 cab from sam ash today. Got 15% off and it all came out to $434.00. Just a hair more then my Valveking and should do classic rock much better.