alrite, so atm im borrowing my mates TS9 and ns-2 to use with my triple x. im not rating the tone i get from the TS9 though, i actually prefer the amps original tone to using the ts9, but i need something gives me a bit more edge, and tightens things up. so what od pedal would you guys recommend for a lot of metal/hardcore with this amp?

also, am i better having the drive completely down? or a slight bit of drive?

and what would be the best way to hook up these pedals? does OD->NS2 or NS2->OD make a difference??

all help appreciated.
A simple clean boost would probably work great for you, something like the EHX LPB-1.

I'd put the NS2 last in the chain.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not