Hey everyone, so my bands been around for a while, we just changed our name to the weekend kids, and we're settling down, writing, and demoing our upcoming full length record due out early next year,

i thought itd be fun to document us on the pre production and demoing process. Our last EP was produced by the former guitarist of SocialCode and Econoline Crush, we worked with official engineers, mixers, and mastered the work up, and we realized, ****! we'd have much more fun on our own! so we took all we learned and starting getting bits and pieces of what we've written in the past month and put it on video, and on tape (i guess....mp3...?)......so check it out! its an on going process for us, we'll be documenting every song that we're writing for our full length, and we'll also be posting our demos for you guys to listen to on our website (myspace)


here is a link to our youtube video, subscribe to our channel to get updates as we write, pre produce, demo, learn the hard way, and record our upcoming full length album! check it out!!!!

ps...this is real ****, we just finished tracking this song this week!


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