so i need a cheap guitar effects pedal so which woulod be better for someone who plays everything?

the behringer X-V amp or Digitech RP90?

i play wolfmother, white stripes,RATM, metallica, as blood runs black, RHCP, everything!

i know they're both cheap but i dont have alot of money and i need one soon!


EDIT: i'm using a modified epiphone les paul double '57 covered humbuckers and spider III 15 if it helps.
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digitech. I really don't like the behringer one, although I kinda like their stompboxes. so digitech for sure, or try out a korg AX5G, really like that one. and about the same price
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i'd go with the digitech of those 2 choices..
and if you don't already k now what people are gonna say about your spider III and effects pedals, hang out and read some threads for a few weeks.
if your set on getting one of those, id go with the digitech, but the korg mentioned above would be a better choice
well the korg isn't on guitarcenters website and i want to go today to get the stuff on sale. any other suggestions?

EDIT: has anybody used the zoom g1x either?
not on gc's website but who knows.
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