I'm from Australia and the Aussie dollar really low at the moment.
Is there a cheaper alternative to the Digitech whammy?
There can be a cheap solution, just depends on what you want the pedal to do.

The digitech multi-effetcs units have whammy settings on them, going right down to the small, rp50. its a bit limited, but you can do 1 or 2 octaves down + up, a 7th and sime other setting ive forgotten.

I found an rp50 at a pawn shop for about A$80, you then just need to hook up a volume pedal to it.

As i said it is fairly limited in features (about 5 out of the full 20 or more), but you could use this as a solution for the time being, it still gives the basic whammy sound, I do it and you can still sound like Morello, etc.
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Don't really know if this pedal (as it's a Harmoniser) has a true equal... 'bMusic' in Adelaide is cheaper than everyone else ($449.00 AUD at the moment). As I too am looking to get one... Good Luck! Regards, ;-R

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stop bitching. There are a lot of pedals that have some of the same setting but in the end it's not the real deal. Plus I'm sure you are considering buying the Digitech Whammy 4. It's not that expensive, really. I just brought the Original Whammy. Cost me 3885 kr (should be somewhat around 450 US$). The are on ebay for around 600 US$ upward.

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Well, I did finally obtain one... from Billy Hyde Music (Mona Vale, NSW) who did a great deal on it!
It certainly provides an interesting Template to create some unusual tones and harmonies from ...and the Octave shifts (Up and Down) ...are a tad 'surreal'! Now it's about incorporating that unique sound into the 'tone' ...that I identify with! ;-R

"I would hurl words into this darkness and wait for an echo..."
- Richard Wright (1908 - 1960)