hey how to define classical genre and wat skills shud i work on to play songs like classical gas by clapton ???(plzzz tell me you ve heard it .... its insane!!!!)

for those of you who love the acoustic guitar listen to midnight experess by nuno bettencourt ....... the best acoustic i ve ever heard !!!!
classical guitar song are pieces written in the general style of the renaissance, baroque, classical or romantic periods with the appropriate forms, they are played using fingerpicking, and require a certain amount of classical technique which include, but are not limited to: use of right-hand positioning and angle of attack to alter tone, change in dynamics to generate increased musical expression, extensive arpeggiation, chord and position changes on the left hand, wide range of melodic intervals, and combination of both melodic and basso continuo lines in either alternation or simultaneously during a single piece

to play stuff like classical gas you don't really need lots of classical technique, but it certainly helps, and if you want to hear REAL classical guitar songs check out these links

also check out the classical guitar groups here in UG for more info and song selection
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