hi, just two quick questions.

1) i have just recieved order of my tiny terror head and ppc112 cab, as i was about to plug everything together i noticed that there are two outputs on the back of the cab, theres no writing around the outputs (i.e. 16ohm), so which output do i use?

2) also, do i need t leave the head on standby for a few minutes so that the tubes have a chance to warm up?

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For #2, the rule of thumb is to let things warm up for about 2 minutes before switching out of standby, and then when you're done playing, switch back to standby for about 2 minutes before powering down.

Also, I try not to switch quickly between 7 and 15 watts. I usually switch first to standby, wait there for maybe 15-30 seconds, and then make the switch.
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