anyone using korg ax5g`s effect ?
need to ask couple of questions D:
i've used one that i borrowed from a friend so ill try

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oh cool .. i just wanna ask about the delay effects .. how do i tune it uhhh so i can play buckethead - big sur moon .. i have no friggin idea how do i tune it .. T_T
all i know is that it is in the delay/reverb part .. but the delay is not that long ...
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yea already read but im figuring out how do i set the delay a lil bit slower so the echo`s are draggy ~
The delay time is parameter 1. Set the function selector to delay. Use the up/down button to select P1. The the knob to adjust the value. Parameter 2 is feedback. That controls how many echos. The main parameter is mix. Page 5 of the manual shows the front panel. 4 is the value knob. 3 is the up/down button. And 1 is the function select.
ohhhh .. isee i see .. cool thx alot ! ..
and one more question, why cant i do hammer ons and pull offs, as in uhh .. its not sensitive enough, although i`ve tune the bass and treble/gain from my amps already, but yet i see from other vids, the sensitivity is really high as in touching the strings it will produce sound already... weirddd
I have it too. for the hammer ons, just use a lot of distortion. but you probably can't hear them cause you need some more practice, when you do them right you will also hear them without any effects. so just keep practicing
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ohhh .. okay okay, but i thought with alot of distortion u can easily hammer ons just by touching the strings ? .. damn i suck
okay thx alot .. so any more ppl using this effect pedals ?
i dno if its just me being retarded, but i do not understand a word the manual says, why the **** do theyuse the word parameter so much, i have no clue what that means