I can't for the life of me find what kind of guitar they both used around 1984, Its green , kind of explorer shaped, with explorer like headstock, white triangular shape pickguard, You can see Brad Whitford using it in Let the Music do the Talking, Video...Oh and it's Not an Explorer....This is driving crazy! I have to find one!!
Looks like an explorer to me, probably it's a copy or one of those 80s gibson attempts to make some classic designs look cool for that era

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my only contribution is to add that Perry has a fantastic sig. Gibson... never seen him with an explorer style one
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It looks as though it has the styling of a Danelectro....It's not quite the shape of an Explorer..........You tube has a vid of the song Three mile smile, Reefer headed woman, 1984, Back in the Saddle tour where Perry uses it, It's a better look there but I still can't find out who mkes it!! I've searched everywhere and I thought I knew all about the gear they use?!!
adding to this
but does anyone know anything about the guitar used in the walk this way video by perry
it looks awesome
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