Hi there! Heres my set up atm.

In computer room, one guitar, valve amp.
In bedroom, 4 guitars, no amp :P

I play by the computer when practising and learning songs. I've got a little 3 watt SS amp (crap) but it does the job.
I've also recently acquired a bass cabinet, 1x15". Its a Peavey Bass Flex (i'm told).

Could i use the cab with my 3w prac amp? From headphone socket?
Have no idea what ohms it puts out.

(By the way, the reason i wanna do this is cos the amp only sounds so crap cos the speaker breaks up really easy, and i'm not getting my pod X3 and headphones for my computer room for at least 3 weeks)
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Could i use the cab with my 3w prac amp?

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From headphone socket?
probably not. the output for headphones will be very weak. you would want to connect the wires that are going to the speaker to a jack, instead of the speaker. and add new wires and a plug going to the speaker. then you can plug in either the internal speaker or the cab.

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Have no idea what ohms it puts out
then you might be okay if you connect the cab, or you might destroy the amp.
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unlikely that you can use the cab to its full potential, since itll still only be using 3 watts of power.

Reason being that the amp is how much power it can use in total, you need a proper head to get the full sound out

BUT it can be done, but not much louder then your current amp
lol, fairy nuff. Im not looking for much more volume, just better sound quality.

So im not gonna damage the cab at all if i try it? Even with headphone socket? I dont care about breaking the amp. Only 7 quid lol.