I call upon all of UG for a favour (or maybe just the UK members, not sure if this offer is happening eveywhere else).

Under the label of 500ml and 2L coke bottles there are 12 digit codes that, when typed into the coke website, add up to win marvellous prizes. Now Toby has had a disadvantaged life and just once would like to win something

So UG, if there's anything left in those hearts of yours, please let me know your 12 digit code so that i can finally win something

Thank you
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muhat gandy
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Well thats me set ^^
Yeah, where do pokemon come into this?
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i shall not help, for the pokemon are not included
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if i had to log on here to give you my 12 digit code, i might as well log into the coke website and try and win something myself
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