This intro is driving me insane, i just can't get it right at the full speed.

Can do the rest of the song without hardly looking at the guitar at all, but its the intro. Its just sooo fast and the same but just slightly different. hmm.

I spent about 6 hours on this song.

Just arrrgh lol that bloody intro
Live and let die
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Sorry, just posting up a comment of my frustration - some people must have been the same boat, so thought they could offer advice.
Live and let die
Where on the neck are you playing it??

I found it easier (albeit on the bass) to learn the rhythm and feel of it by playing it using the 2nd frets and open strings rather than the 5th and 7th frets. Does that make sense??

One could argue that the tonality differs but it's the same notes after all!
yeah i'm playing it on the 2nd and open. i'm not alternate picking though, which i think it is supposed to be, because i found that harder... or would that be easier once to get the speed once i get used to it?
Live and let die
this was one of the first songs I learned - big mistake - if youre having trouble synchronizing your hands - do it veryyyy slow, get the hang of it and then speed up little by little - itll take a while
oh and palm mute all the way - it sounds good and it covers some buzz tones that may pop up
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wow really? This is one of the first songs I learned and I didn't find it that hard. Yes the intro was a bit tricky, but its not that bad. Start slow, and alternate pick the whole intro. You have to alternate pick it. Once you get that technique, it'll be real easy. Its pretty repetitive so see if you can get into the groove and whatnot.

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