I've decided to screw getting EMGs for my EX-50 and instead get a new guitar with EMGs already on it.

I like Explorers, and so I've found an only lightly used EX-400 for roughly $550 (less than half the price of a new one). While it is an improvement over the EX-50, since it's got mahogany body, Grover tuners, an EMG 81/60 setup and some other minor improvements, it's still an LTD.

What I'm wondering is this: For a guitarist who has been playing for over two years, is this enough of an improvement not to limit my playing (which the EX-50 is now doing) or should I wait a while, double the price and get a real Gibson Explorer/PRS Custom? I'm on a rather tight budget, see.
I'd go for the EX400 which is, although Korean made, definately suited for professional use. The money you'd use to buy a Gibson or Prs could now be used to upgrade your amplifier.
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The EX 400 is a good guitar imo. But EMGs only work well if you have an excellent guitar (GOOD won't suffice) and a high gain tube amp. Look at Ltds with Duncans from the 400 series if you want a new guitar and don't have the money to replace your Vox. Don't get me wrong, the Vox is a nice amp, but active pickups and solid state/hybrid amps don't work well together.
True, that. Allright, I think I'll go for the EX-400 then. The current owner says it plays wonderfully, one of the best he's had. I'm going to see for myself tomorrow. As long as the frets 17-22 actually make a clean tone (on the EX-50, the strings touch the fretboard where they shouldn't, despite ûber-high action) and I like the sound of the EMGs, I'll probably take it. I mean, for that price... it's an insane amount of guitar for the money.