Can you get a neck similar to the ibanez 24fret? ive become accustom to my jem 555 necks feel and want something similar for my squire that i am doing up. any help appreciated.
You cant just put a 24 fret neck in it. The scale would be off or you would have to mod the neck pocket and move the neck pickup. Thats for a true 24 fret neck. The other way is the way warmoth does it with the extra frets overhanging the end of the neck. But could get in the way of the neck pickup still. Squires just werent made to be 24 fret guitars the upper fret access wouldnt improve any.
You could get 23 frets without alterations to the body. But if your desperate for 24, as tackleberry says, you're going to have to move the neck pickup.