can some1 recommend me some good pedals.

delay, chorus, phase, flange, and a good punk rock overdrive pedal.

the cheaper the better but i still want a good pedal and i dont want to spend over $100 for each.


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There are Boss or MXR. I have to get to try out the new MXR Carbon copy delay pedal. and I guess a Tubescreamer by Ibanez or Fulltone OCD would suit you.

But are you sure you need so much effects? I mean do you _really_ need those?

And I run my Laney GH with TC Electronics G-Major. It has Reverbs, delays, compressors, flangers, choruses and about everything you need. I control it with a Rocktron Midimate. (Yeah, G-major's a midi controllable unit.) And then just pick an OD pedal. I use the Tubescreamer.
Chorus- EHX Small Clone
Phaser- MXR Phase 90 or EHX Small Stone
Flanger- EHX Stereo Electric Mistress
Delay- BOSS DD-3 but I recommend shelling out the extra cash for the MXR Carbon Copy
OD- BBE Green Screamer but I recommend saving about 35 more bucks for a Fulltone OCD
if you want to save money i would recommend a korg ax3000g multi effect

but if your set on getting individual pedals id get an ibanez tubescreamer for od
a EH small stone for phase
a Boss super chorus
and a boss flange
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