I haven't tuned with harmonics for a while but I remember there was a harmonic on the G and B string that matched (not playing any normal notes). I'm tring 4th on G and 5th on B. It sounds close is this it?
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the 7th fret harmonic on the low E matches an open B

This is correct, tune it to this.
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12th fret harmonic of the G string to the normally fretted 8th of the B string produces G notes. I don't care for the low E 7th harmonic because it's an octave down from the B. The two G notes are in the same octave and are easier to listen for the waver and fine tune. Also try tuning it the other way round. Get the high E in tune then match the B string to it by fretting it at the 5th fret vs. the open high E string.