so i installed the software updated everything, but my pc doesn't find the control when i plug it in.... please help.
no but my friend uses his regular controller and it works just fine
Quote by sbinlb
no but my friend uses his regular controller and it works just fine

maybe you need different drivers since its the regular controller, because I researched it myself the other day and it is possible with a regular one.
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google XBCD

Those drivers are the best 360 controller drivers available.

edit: PC and xbox360 edition controllers are identical hardware, the only difference is that the pc edition comes with a driver cd
Are you using a play and charge kit to connect a wireless controller? Because that doesn't work, it must be wired. Get the drivers from M$, not another site. Also, you need to use a program such as Xpadder to map the inputs to keyboard keys.
Go into control panel, system, hardware, device manager.

Is there a bit at the bottom that says "Microsoft Xbox Peripherals" or something to that effect?

If not, the drivers aren't installed properly. Instead, there should be a device under "Other Devices" but I can't remember what it'l be called... Right click on it, and click update drivers. That should do it
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