So I need a new CD Player for my car and I'm not sure which one to get. I've been reading some reviews but there are so many. My price range is $100-$150. It must have an AUX jack for my iPod. Other than that, I'm really not picky. So anyone know some particulary good ones or at least some good brands to research into?
Do you mean the front of the stereo
Or the actual CD player bit (I dont know what its called)
If you're wanting a jack in the back of the stereo then you won't get a good one in that price range. If its in the front you'll get a decent one but nothing fancy. Kenwoods are cheap and cheerful or a decent sony from the cdx range. I work a lot with these things so definately avoid cheap **** like sendai. Personally I have a kenwood w3041a which is decent, sonys will cost you more.
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