I am looking for an amp that will be ideal for giging, as currently i have to use the venues or a friends amp which arent good quality most of the time. i have up to £300 to spend but i dont want to be spending all of that as i also want a pedal. the pedal i want is one that will be able t provide a synth sound. however, if any amps can be recommended with effects built in would be great.

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I was looking at the Line 6 spyders, but there seems to be some hate of them in general

EDIT: i dont play much bass anyways so you might not want to listen to me
You can probably get an Ashdown MAG300 combo second hand for between £150 and £225.

For synthy sounds, you could buy a Boss SYB5 for about £50 secondhand.

I'd recommend those two.

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GAS-ing for:
Boss SYB5
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Consentrate on the amp first. Im in the same situation borrowing amps but yes defiantly sepnd all of it on 300 watss of power.
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This is about the best rig I can find:
Hartke HA2500
Peavey 115 TVX

And add a cab later.

I think it'd be better to go used, man...you folks across the pond really get shafted.

As for the pedal, look at the Ibanez SB7. All-analog, quite a few tones, and great sound quality. No risk of tracking errors, at all. You really can't beat it in that price range.
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