A Ibanez RG350DX. $399.99-499.99 new. Basically brand new
At Guitar center?
At Music Go Round?
And on Ebay or craigslist?
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EDIT: Ah, misread the question.

Not sure, have you checked completed listings on ebay?
You get jack from any music shop because they need to make enough on the resale. A privet sale is the best way to go. Ebay at least you'll get it out there to millions of people and you can set a reserve but you'll have to pay the Ebay fees and ship the guitar but if the bidding goes high you can make out. Craigs list is good but be ready to have to deal with people who will try and talk you down on price. If i was to sell soemthing I owned I would want at least to recoup 60% of what I paid and that includes any mods if I was desperate I would be happy with half. A music store will give you about a 30 to 35% of what they will sell it for as used.