Hey all,

This from what I found is a limited Guitarcenter run Schecter. I think they only made 4000 units for the guitarcenter. but anyway...its a sweet guitar but I really need money for an apartment i'm looking at! The guitar is in sweet shape, the only thing wrong is a tiny ding on the back and some rash, other then that its minty! I have a gig bag I will ship in! I'm looking to get $225 and of coarse like alway...I WILL PAY FOR SHIPPING AND PAYPAL FEE'S btw I have over 20 good deals over at harmony-central!

Since i've been sitting on this for alittle, I will let this go for $200 and I will add a Seymore Duncan SH-4 Zebra Humbucker into the mix...

I am really jones'n for another Tele, MIM,MIJ are awesome or 80's squire stuff...I can add money if need be...but I really want this thing ga ga ga ga gonnnnnnnnne!