Let me clear some things up. In late September, my computer's hard disc erased itself, and I lost all of my music, recordings, files, ......everything. Which is the primary reason I haven't been on the forums much recently. And since I have no music to upload on my current computer (which is borrowed from another family member,) I decided to do it the cheap way, and find songs already uploaded onto Youtube to be arranged into my playlist. It's by no means optimal in song selection or sound quality, but it's free. Enjoy!


Click "Play All" (top left) and the songs will play in a order automatically.

DEC 05 Dyer's Eve
DEC 12 Instrumetal
DEC 19 Scourge441
DEC 26 nebiru
JAN 02 Snyper
JAN 09 Kepulix
JAN 16 webbtje
JAN 23 King ofKumbucha
JAN 30 tigerking615
FEB 06 Mudvayne_4_Life
Great way to start! Love SudAkrA, great selction aswell, one or two bands I don't know. Looks like a good list all and all and varied a bit.
Sorry about the computer, man, that sucks ass.

This looks like it will be pretty good. Props to you for the Belenos and Negura Bunget.
Good selection, These Walls Shall Be Your Grave by brutality is way old school.
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I completely forgot.

Im sorting one out as we speak.
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