what features does a song need to make it so people mosh to it?

i'm trying to songwrite for metal and i'm really getting stuck
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u mean mosh?

Anyway, listen to Black Label by Lamb of God and look at one of their live vids... u will then understand... Not to mention, but also definitely Slayer songs (most of them r rlly great headbanging songs). Another song by Lamb of God would be Redneck. There r many others, just look around and analyze.

Just make sure u have some good thrash parts (kinda like Slayer). Basically, just u urself headbang, and write a riff to ur headbanging.
mashed potatoes.....

no but seriously, if you can head bang to it, or even tap your head to it, its mosh-able.
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if its got any sort of groove or is fast it can be moshed too. It starts getting hard with weird time signatures and that but even then I have seen myself in the pit moshing to that sort of **** also lol
Yeah I was thinking of that old dance they used to do called mashed potatoes

Moshing you just have to have a good strong rhythm that is good catchy and infectious while also rocky and hard edged so people want to jump up and down.
It's the drums and rhythm. Galloping rhythm is good. And I'm sure if you can get a good rhythm you can come up with the notes for the riff.
A horse running....or try Slayer's Raining Blood, Iron Maiden's Run to the Hills.
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No, one eight note and two sixtenth notes after eachother should fit in a beat.
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