Hey all, it's been a while. I've gotten inspired over the last couple of days, and this song is a product of that. As always, your input and opinions are most appretiated.

On the song... it's my own, no band, no friends this time... some of the transitions don't cut it for me, but I'm not too sure what to do about them... and the solo, while fun to play and rather simple doesn't quite sound like it "fits" the song.

Anyway... please take a listen and tell me what you think.

Good, its got that black metal feel, reminds me kinda of Dimmu Borgir - Vredesbyrd.
I don't hear anything "off", I believe the solo fits.
I saw you put a "fade out??" on the end, I think you should keep the end as is.
That's definately got some kickass riffs in it...

The solo was good, and fit the song relatively well. The ending should stay the way it is, because it sound's good.

I liked the Drums->Bass->Guitar fade in.

The only part that I disliked was the first note of Riff 2. I feel it should have more emphasis than just bom. It should be like BAM! My only suggestion is change the note to something more like...

Just try it out.

If you have time could critique a song in my sig.
Definetly a keeper!

Starts strong, and has good variations throughout. I have no issues with the transitions, they work fine as far as I'm concerned. Reminds me a bit of Btbam, but more basic and straightforward (a good thing, so the song kicks rearend without losing in riffsalad).

Some points:
In bar 58 you shortly introduce a lovely phrygian melody. I'd really like you to expand on this a bit more, it helps the song so much that I think it's sad to hear this only for 4 bars. Bring it back some time, and it also has possibilites for some harmonizing shenanigans. The song needs a good balance between quirky tech/thrash riffs and melodic stuff. You deliver good riffs so far, now if you fuse in some more of the melody side, you have a really gold song on your hands.
The deadnotes in "Riff 4" were unnecessary, I'd think it sounds better if you let them be just "normal" notes. Just pedal the roots of their chords or something, palm muted. Also the deadnotes in "Riff 3*", if they're rests, just notate them as such, and if they're palmmutes, also.
Tip on the blastbeats in "Riff 5": if you lower the volume on the snare a bit (from forte to mezzopiano, for example), the beat will sound more realistic like a blast and less mechanically grating.
I share your concern about the solo. In terms of quality it's a lowpoint in the song. All your other riffs worked fairly well and were believably playable, but the solo doesn't really fit or flow well. I'd really rather like to hear a more melodic lead here. Can be more simple, doesn't matter, or can be shred in places, it's just important that it feels less noodly and more that it actually goes somewhere. A more harmonic background chords can also help develop a more tasty solo. For inspiration, you could for example revisit the phrygian thing from earlier and prop it up to a more epic conclusion.

Anyway, great stuff, keep it up! I'd like to play it some when it's done
Wow, I like the drums (way better than mine).

I like Riff 1, although the bass seems too loud..
I also like Riff 3 a lot (riff 2 not so much though, maybe because it sounds kind of generic).

I like how you change every riff a little bit when you repeat them.
The dissonant part was good, as a kind of breakdown..

The solo was good, but I did not like it to much (maybe because of lots of sweeps), but overall the outro was good.

Well, I can't really crit that much because metalcore or death metal, or whatever aren't my prefered genres and I don't know much about them (except from songs I see in this forum).

Last song in my sig if you can..
Ok I'll be honest with ya on this one

bar 1 - 15//
In my opinion the intro with the drums and then the bass doesn't sound that metalish or hardcore-ish , more like something rock style
then the opening chord of the guitar is just not powerfull enough. a more powerful chord would do an amazing job there

bar 15-23//
I don't like this riff. in my opinion it is too high to be brutal. I would go for a 2nd riff over that but a 5th lower. it sounds to hard rock crunky in my ears. or that might just be me

bar 23-31//
now this is what I'm talking about really great guitar riff, I really like it. it's dark.

bar 40-49//
To be honest , this sound pretty good. and a good contrast with bar 23-31.

bar 62-71//
it's the same style as bar 40-49. so a good riff

bar 104-120//
the guitar is good, tho the drums need some tweaking. maybe some blast beats between the chords and accentuate the chords with the crash symbal? just a suggestion

Good solo. I like it it's nice. but I would start the fade when 3/4 through the solo the last riff is a bit misplaced imo

This song has potention. the drums need to be tweaked a bit tho. you could really do more with the drums to make it heavier, unless if you don't want it to be heavy of course.
Good job overall!

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I'm gonna post the latest version with a bit of drums in it already now.