I need help learning the keys of music to further my musical knowledge...can anyone help me??
circle of fifths man.... one more sharp for every fifth starting at c

circle of 4ths.... one more flat for every fourth starting at c

There are lessons on the site just for this kind of problem. Go to the top of the page and click lessons. Should be something in there to help you out.
well, I'll just be starting to learn guitar after Christmas, but I come from 21yrs of music experience (from violin, to flute to trombone and a few others mixed in, but those are the main ones). I've never learned the actual "circle of fifths" that you'll be told to learn. it is good to know, but what I learned, that served my purposes better, was the order of sharps and flats and then knowing how to name the key from that. the order of flats (being I'm primarily a trombone player, the flats I remember easier) is B - E - A - D - G - C - F. the order of sharps is just the reverse F - C - G - D - A - E - B. I won't confuse you with naming the keys. I'm getting the impression that for guitar learning the circle of fifths will be easier. I'd say do a search either here on UG or at a search engine for "circle of fifths" and learn that. if you'd like to know about naming keys from the number of sharps or flats feel free to ask.
There's some good Circle of Fifths lessons in UG's lessons section.