I'm not so sure about the ending and perhaps I should extend solo 1?
You'll notice its a bit repetive, but theres gonna be lyrics in it, I can't write lyrics for the life of me so I got a friend who's gonna do it ASAP

Sang #37.zip
Hey man, your song has that classic rock feel to it, and while I can see that it's meant to have lyrics I can't tell you it's not repetitive... because it's repetitive as hell (all fire and crimson...). Your solos are all very lineal and sound rather un-inspired, and even they get repetitive very quickly. Your interludes backing riff is far too bland, but, to my surprise, sounds quite catchy with the lead over it. Just try to stay away from the things you know have been done to death.

On the other hand, I really do think that with a good vocal line this song could draw the ever dumber pop crowd simply because it's accesible music. I think a good producer would change the bass and drums and have you vary the guitar work some (harmonies, licks, fills, whatever) and it'd be great.

Anyway, it's not my cup of tea... or bowl of soup... or whatever container of anything... but I think it has potential. Pollish it up.

Best of luck!

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