Hate sounding like a total newb, but...does anyone here know a method to determine what scale a certain part of a song is in? Basically, I'm starting to begin more improv on already made songs, and I need a way to find out what scale the song is in. Thanks!

And I've already tried Google, thanks.

Wrong forum?

Try using guitar pro, Import a song, use scale finder.

Simple as.

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You can identify scales by ear. Keys are hard to identify, but for most rock songs it's either E or A, maybe G if it's a ballad. If it's an existing song, you can find the chords to it, which will help you find the root note.

Common scales each have their distinctive sound. You can probably hear the difference in overall "feel" right now, even if you can't name the different kinds.

If you can find the root note of a song that you can play, you can identify the scale by analysing the intervals between notes.
wrong forum. this would be a good topic in Musician Talk. start a thread there.


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