I've recently just started randomly noodling on my acoustic and I came up with a pretty cool song the other day, and I decided to see how far I could take it. The result was pretty good, imo.

Tell me what you think, C4C.

The song has lyrics, I just haven't finished them yet, I'll put them up in the Songwriting & Lyrics section when they're done.
It's a nice start, but i think it is too simple. If you don't want to add a lead guitar, you can at least change the bass to make it more interesting, it gets boring fast if you only play the root notes.
Also you should write some more riffs or chord progressions, because as it is right now, it's just the same chord progression over and over, so it gets boring fast.

I like the chord progression, but I think you can get more out of it. Good luck

Mind critting mine? (new one in sig) Thanks.
in the intro u should use 3/4 or 6/4.

and, as rodrigomierh said, it's very simple, but thats ok
i apologize for my bad english.
I would suggest some slide guitar. It would sound great in the verses. Here's a short midi example of what I mean. Hope it helps!

btw thanks for checking out my song
try this out

NTFFH edited.zip

I got kind of crazy, but it may be a start. I only did the first verse and chorus, but it basically repeats, if you like it, copy past through out the song.

I also took out the repeats, no idea how many times they repeat, but after the 3rd time I was tired of waiting.

Also, tell me what you think of my song
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dont be afraid to change up the notes in the guitar!

dont be afraid to play more then one at a time either.

if you incorporate some bass strings in with you fingerpicking, it makes it sound ten times better



e |-----------------------------------------------
b |--------------1--------------------------------
g |-2--------2----------2-------------------------
d |----2---------2----------2---------------------
a |-0-----0----------0----------------------------
E |-----------------------------------------------

instead of just


e |-----------------------------------------------
b |----------1------------------------------------
g |-------2----2----------------------------------
d |----2----------2----2--------------------------
a |-0----------------0----------------------------
E |-----------------------------------------------

just play around with it
Gotta love the beginning <3
Easy to understand the repeating, since you sing over it.
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