Poll: Which Disney Girl?
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Kim Possible
17 63%
Hannah Montana
13 48%
7 26%
Alice in Wonderland
4 15%
Meg (Hercules)
6 22%
Jane (Tarzan)
9 33%
5 19%
Mrs. Incredible
3 11%
Princess Fiona
6 22%
Bo Peep
3 11%
Voters: 27.
Same as before, but with the others. i basically went through the original thread and got most of the ones that were suggested but werent in the poll. I saw that in the other thread, many people were asking for other characters, so i thought, why not.

Kim Possible:

Hannah Montana:


Alice in Wonderland:

Meg from Hercules:

Jane from Tarzan:

Esmerelda from Hunchback of Notre Dame

Mrs Incredible

Princess Fiona

Bo Peep

Multiple choice - Poll coming.
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do we need another one of those? the discussion was going "well" in the other thread already...
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oooh controversial! I'll take hannah as shes the only one with a gash
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