Wilkinson Locking tuners
Built in Phaser
GFS Power Rails coil tapped.
Phat Cat
Boost Switch

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is that duct tape on the outer edge?
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i like it
good work
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and mate: ure the first 08er to make me laugh kudos

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Turn it off and on again.

^ Golden computer rule.

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My guitar teacher did a similar thing to a Jackson Soloist

he had an entire effects pedal in there....

Edit: whats the battery for?
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Sticking ductape on a guitar is modding?

Noo not the duct tape, before this guitar had only a tone and volume knob.
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It looks nice - but why would you put duct tape on your guitar? That's gonna play hell on the finish when you try to take it off.
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what does a piezo do?
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EDIT: yea wtf battery?

Too make his playing electrifying of course!

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The row 3 switches
1= Guitar On/Off
2= Piezo On/Off
3= Phaser On/off

The knob is a volume knob and the knob next to the pickup is the phaser's intensity control.
The button is a killswitch and that other triangular switch is the coil tap for the neck.

The battery is velcro-ed on their, its just a spare.

A piezo is an acoustic pickup.
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That's a lot of mods! I want to buy a cheap Epiphone sometime, rout the **** out of the back and stick a ****load of electronics in there...
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nice job a interesting concept being an sg owner i love the sound of them but i heard of the phat cats some time ago and never checked them out what are they like?
The Phat Cats sound punchy and trebly, but I put them under fuzzy distortion so they sound fuzzy. Sounds great with the coil tapped Power Rails.

Im building a Mattocaster, anybody know where to get wood?

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wtf is the duct tape for?
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wtf is the duct tape for?

It's like he's trying to avoid the answer.. :\ It's been asked a bunch but he ignores it and answers the other questions instead.

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The knob is in the perfect position. It doesn't get in the way but is close enough to use my palm to adjust it.
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post 22, thats exactly what i was going to say. You must play pretty wierd for that knob not to get in the way?

Anyway, the duct tape will leave reisdue and **** on your guitar and also ruin the finish if you decide to take it off at a later stage (which is very possible )

Good work with the onboard phaser though, how did you wire it in, i must ask?
Its just between the volume pot and the output jack.
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I actualy like the ducktape, kind of looks like medieval armor.
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