First of all, hello. I am new here (but i have been reading review of instruments and equipment for 2 years or so..) I have been playing guitar about 2 years and I was using a multi-effects processor, and now I am planing to get rid of it (it's a rp300) and buy some stomp boxes. I already own a Boss mt-2 and Ibanez ts-9. And now I am thinking of buying a compressor, graphic equalizer, delay, reverb, noise gate and a wah. But I don't have much money to spend... My choice is this:
Behringer compressor sustainer cs100
Behringer graphic equalizer eq700
Behringer digital delay dd400
don't know about the reverb...
Boss noise suppressor ns-2
and Behringer hellbabe hb01

I know Boss is better than behringer but I just can't afford it..
If anyone has a better idea please tell me. And write about what you like/don't like about those. I play a little hard rock, heavy metal (metallica, iron maiden) and some behemoth, nargaroth...
What is your amp, guitar, and overall budget?
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Behringer pedals are pretty crappy. Check out an MXR EQ and a Boss DD-3 or DD-20 delay. For reverb, a EH Holy Grail
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What is your amp, guitar, and overall budget?

transistor aria 50w amp. copy of strat Aria guitar with EMG on the bridge. And about 300 euros..