I plan on Buying another Cabinet, to run with my current one in parallel, any suggestions?

I am not sure if I should just buy the exact same cabinet loaded the same, or a different one my current is a peavey 5150 slant cab loaded with vintage 30s
was thinking of getting a straight mesa 4x12 cabinet, I have heard it is best to have the same size speakers in both cabinets. If its not a big deal a 2x15 mesa bass cabinet might be nice.
I'm not sure about the whole same speaker size deal - I've never heard anything about that. I know bass player's mix-match their speaker sizes (normally one 4x10 cab and a 1x15 cab).

As far as to which cab you should get, I would suggest a Mesa straight cab or a Randall straight cab - depending on whether or not mix-matching speaker size is a problem, then getting a 4x12 or a 2x15 is totally up to you.
my other guitarist has a custom madison (we are endorsed my madison) 4x12 and a straight custom madison with a 15 and either 2 10's or 2 12's.
its anaweseome setup.
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15s honestly dont add that much low end...if they did you'd see many more guitarists using them.

my buddy has a randall 2x12 1x15 and the low end from a g12-75 marshall 1960a destroys it
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