I searched and i didn't find anything about this so here it goes.

I was looking into distortion pedals, and I need a good one for my style. My band will be recording our E.P. soon, so I really need to find one. My band plays from heavy deathcore to metalcore. I need a pedal that is able to support chugs while still sounding nice, and give overall a good, not muddy output. I was thinking the Boss Metal Core pedal, or the landmine pedal, but i do not know much about pedals.

Any other suggestions?

To help, some bands that I would like my guitar sound to be similar to are: all shall perish, the acacia strain, the eyes of a traitor, burning the masses, the faceless (old), parkway drive, etc.

I would probably pick the metal core. both pedals are very nice but the metal core has the ability to change the amount of distortion where the landmine doesn't. The landmine has a great sound though and it has a few tone shaping options. If you are happy with the one distortion level on the landmine then buy it cause it has a better basic sound. if you want to be able to change the distortion level buy the metal core. i am looking at buying a new distortion pedal/preamp for high gain and am going to buy the blackstar ht-distx http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Blackstar-HT-Series-HTDISTX-Tube-High-Gain-Distortion-Guitar-Effects-Pedal?sku=152009 plus it comes with a wall adapter. It has great tone shaping and awesome tube distortion. If you have enough money it is worth a look.
omg Hellsblood NO!?

Landmine kicks its ass.......... just to bad its not true-bypass but thats just my opinion..(and thank god with many others :P)
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