This is the best section of the forums I thought to put this in, so please don't flame me about that! ><

Anyway, I'm still a little new to synthesizers/vocoders, and I was wondering if the MICROKORG is a good synth? I want to write songs like Nebula (She) , NYAPPY In The World (An Cafe) or SAYONARA (IKARI)

I don't really vocode, so I don't care about that, but could someone tell me if it's a good synth or not?

I played it in Guitar Center, and I liked it... but I don't know if I'm getting the best deal >_>
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I've never heard those songs or played a Microkorg, but I've heard positive things about them, and Korg are generally pretty good.
It's got some great sounds but the keyboard feels strange and is small. You may want to look into software synths and a controller keyboard...

Sonar Studio and Producer both come with software synths and they are great. Just plug in a controller keyboard and you are set to go.

BTW, most people wont flame you here. I find that only happens if talk about torrents and downloads comes up. Welcome to R&R.
I have an Alesis Micron and I love it, I think it may be discontinued though. I got mine on eBay. Its in the same league as the MicroKorg but I preferred the Micron.

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... and I'll second the reputation of the Korg brand in general for synths. I have an M1 and it's a really decent machine.

that said... 90% of it's use for me is that of a glorified midi controller for my soft synths in Cubase. But it is nice to be able to program something in Cubase and run the midi out into the Korg M1 and use the actual M1 sounds as triggered by Cubase.

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The MicroKorg is a really nice sounding synth IMO. The only problem is as moody said, the keyboard is a little small, and if you have big fingers then you might have problems. Saying that, you've already played it, so you obviously know that.
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if you are ok with the keyboard then go for it.
You can get some pretty wicked sounds out of it for sure.
There is alot of info and demos out on the net about this piece so you should check those out for more of an idea of what all it can do.