Okay, here's the rundown... I don't have a band together (yet), so I'm wondering if I even need a mixer. What I'm planning on doing is recording vocals and guitar together, then recording some drums/piano/harmony vocals overdubs later on. I can't really think of any situation where I'd need it live, but it'd be really nice if I could. What I'm really planning on doing is recording straight to a laptop.

The question- do I even need a mixer, or will one microphone, several overdubs, and a lot of EQ tweaking do?

If I do, I'm looking for a good mixer on a small budget. I don't need 16-channels or built-in-effects or anything... Just the basics. Maybe 4ish channels, EQ, maybe a bit of reverb.

Thanks all.

Well, it depends on what you're recording onto.
Recording software like ProTools can be bought with an interface that has 2 or 4 inputs, which is enough for vocals and guitar. You don't need more inputs for overdubs, as you can just use the same ones later.
Alright, so I looked into things, and found that one of those Tapco compact mixers is perfect for solo artists like me... They're made by Mackie, and feature pretty much the same features. They're supposed to be just as sturdy.

For anybody else who's got my problem:

Which also comes in bigger sizes, like...

And has favorable reviews...