hey ive been playing now for about 6 months,i have a basic, cheap acoustic guitar and i am about to buy an electric and start playing that as much as i can.i cant really play that well but i can play a lot better than when i started.i have learnt from a couple of books and mainly chord books.i can play chords at a reasonable level now but i want to learn more i dont really understand to much about music theory or anything.i cant even read tabs unless they are really really simple.i can play a fair few songs but not many from memory i just get a book or chords of this site and play my own version of the song at the speed i can but i really wanna progess now and push on with learning the guitar.i cant really pick very well i havent practised it much.i would appriciate any advice anyone could give about anything e.g. the best way to learn new things,how to read tabs etc thanks
Ok, you're getting your head around the basics - now get out there and find someone to jam with!!

Like most things the more you do it and enjoy it, they better you will be.

Ideally, play with someone who's a bit better than you/been playing a bit longer and watch, listen, play, learn.

Seriously, I reckon this is the best bit of advice you could get (cos I'm giving it!!). it'll do wonders for your rythm/timimg and rembering songs/expanding your knowledge.

When you're not jamming etc, use that time to practice learn scales/chords from books etc so that you have something new to offer next time.

All tab does, is show the string and what fret you play the note on.

E ||----3----------------------------------
B ||---------4-----------------------------
G ||--------------5------------------------
D ||--------------------18-----------------
A ||----------------------------------------
E ||----------------------------------------

Tab is in reverse, like you were looking down on your guitar, so the top E line, is the High E string (aka the thinnest one), and the bottom E line, will be your thickest string.

In this example, you would hold down the high E string, on the third fret to play a G note.

4th Fret on the B string for a D# (D Sharp)

all the way up to the 18th fret on the D string, for a G# I think


A downside to tab, however, is that it will not show rhythm. So you need to listen to the song over and over and over, or use Guitar Pro/Tuxguitar/Power Tab to slow down the rhythm and learn it.

Hope this helps
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how would i go about learning this tab tho????


Put your treble and mids down low and your bass up high. Also, turn up your phaser
if you got one. Any suggestions/corrections just email me.

Verse & Chorus

repeat starting at 0:18 until 2:45, then 3:17 until end


Bridge at 2:45 until 3:02 end bridge on v x12

| / slide up
| \ slide down
| h hammer-on
| p pull-off
| ~ vibrato
| + harmonic
| x Mute note