I've been looking around and everywhere i see people who say nu-metal is dead and i'm seeing the bands being less and less prominant.

Is there are big reason for this?

Also, why do people hate nu-metal so much?

Personally I love the music and want to see it return

-Linkin Park
-Limp Bizkit

All them need to return to there old ways.

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The reason it is fading is because it was disgracing metal by trying to be rappers. Second of all, all the bands got to a period where they were copying the other band. And it all sounded the same eventually. The new bands coming out sounded like ones that had been around for a few years already. Plus it lacked charismatic things like guitar solos and anything with that crazy energy.
yeah its just kinda dead, but i wish it was back like it used to be, cause the music scene feels kinda bleak now
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Nu-metal is really fun and energetic - it's those kind of attributes that would make it get old easily.

I like some, Slipknot's nu-metal is sweet