I've got several red and white hairs, they have been there since I was born, and now that i can grow a mini beard it appears that it also has red and white hairs.
so what i'm 17 and got grey's already..my head hair is not too bad as it is long and messy so i just keep the grey's at the bottem, but my "downstairs" is almost completely grey now,same with my happy trail and my arm-pit hair is going too.
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You will go bald at 30, have fun with your lifetime of mockery.
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The males in my family start going grey at 20, so I'd just see if anyone in your family has that trait. Luckily, it doesn't mean you're going bald. My mom's side of the family all go greay early, but never bald.
Oh, I also have that beard thing. My beard has so much red in it, but my hair is dark brown. Even weirder, it seems to alternate when I shave. One week it's all dark brown, the next week after it's regrown it's red!
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I've had loads of white hair for ages but I still have a mass of curly hair so its all good. Saying that my great grandad had the same, and he went bald eventually


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I think everyone gets random coloured hairs occasionaly. I sometimes get these random black ones. I'm ginger in general, and can't grow a beard, so I couldn't comment on the random gingerness. Must just mean that you secretly all want to be ginger. Or are somehow Scottish.
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I think I read somewhere, that if the hair grows from a mole on ur head it can be a different colour. Something with pigment.

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Parts of my facial hair are red, and when I stand in particularly bright sunlight, it can look like I have red highlights.

There's also a patch of skin on the back of my head where the hair coming from it is white. No idea why.

It's no biggie.
I've had a little white patch on one side of my head since I was about 10. The rest of it's still normal, so it's nothing to worry about.
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I got a couple of white hairs on my head. Heard it was from stress, its normal though.
I was born with a natural white streak =D
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theres a kid in my school whos 15 and just about half of his hair is white already...not just grey, but full out WHITE.
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