I am new to acoustic guitar playing and I want to mix in learning some songs to keep from getting bored practicing chords and the like.

What are some easy/popular songs to play for rookies? Genre is not important.
Eh, wrong forum.

But, I would suggest some folk stuff, like Bob Dylan. "Hurricane" or "Sad Eyed Lady of The Lowlands" work well.
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but no seriosly just try some simple greenday junk its easy as crap and sounds alright really. or wonder wall,every1 seem's to play that on acoustic...
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I started with Good Riddance - Green Day on acoustic if that helps. . .
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Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
Heart Of Gold - Neil Young
Knockin On Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan

Those are what I started out with anyways!
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Love Song by Tesla

The Lodge by Agalloch

Solitude by Black Sabbath
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I started with Good Riddance - Green Day on acoustic if that helps. . .

Good choice, in my opinion.