Hi Folks,

at first I wanted to say how great this site is. Thank you all for that.

Well, do you know if there is a software for e.g. Windows to write tabs and/or chords and let the software play that? I'm interested to hear how some stuffs, which I can't play yet, would sound.

This software should be for free.

Thank you.


PS: I'm sorry if this thread was still discussed here. I couldn't find it here.
Guitar Pro 5 is basically EXACTLY what you need

not only does it let you recreate guitars but also drums basses, as well as pianos and other ranges of instruments.

powertab really only lets you create guitars - but it is free, compared to guitar pro which costs £/$
Powertab: Free software, relatively large amount of songs online. Biggest handicap is that for some reason it doesn't support drum-tracks.

Guitar Pro: Costs around 40$, I believe. Otherwise you can simply get the free demo, which opens and plays all tabs (only demo limitation is that you can only save 24 bars of own material per song). Largest song archives online.

I, like many others, use Guitar Pro, and I'm happy with it. Otherwise there are some more unknown tab programs, like TuxGuitar, or older ones that are not very supported anymore (TablEdit, Tabazar, ...)
Thanks a lot... I'm still working with the Power Tab now. It is really nice, but a little bit complicated. But it doesn't matter.