So I am thinking of maybe selling my Bugera, it's only three months old now, but I really want a 5150 combo.

What would be a good price?

I am in Canada and new on lamusic.ca they are now 950$ and 699$ on zzounds.

you could sell the bugera for around 450
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They are 770$ as axe music so I'd say like 600-650 Canadian.
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They are 770$ as axe music so I'd say like 600-650 Canadian.

770$ at axe? I wonder why lamusic has them up so high?

Thanks guys, I might throw it up for 750$ and then bargain with someone from there. I always like to ask high and end lower than what I am asking, although 750$ may be a little too high.

Thanks for the info though.
lol.... I just sold my 3 month old 6262, for $300. I had it posted in L.A./OC craigslist and no one would touch it for $500, for $400, and finally @3 had some interest but not much. Good luck
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