So for christmas, my parents have decided that i cant have money.
so im gonna have to get a gift off of them
i rly could do with a new amp, or a new phone, but they're both too expensive, so i was thinking what oculd i get thats cheap enough..

id like a distortion pedal, so i was looking at the EHX metal muff with top boost, ive heard some good stuff about this
any opinions on it?

and i was wondering whether it would be worth getting a pedalboard thingymabob
atm i only have a zoom g7.1
but i want a distortion pedal as stated above
and i plan on getting more in the future
any recomendations for a pedalboard?
or should i get one?

i play a epi SG and a tokai les paul thru a marshall MG30. yes it nt brilliant