For the intro of Take This Life by In Flames, do you do all down strokes or do you alternate? I think you play it all down strokes but I'm not sure.

Also, what is the correct tuning? I'm just using Standard for the time being (I'm to lazy to tune down right now), but I'm guessing it's in drop C.
i think the tuning is something lower than drop c like b maybe or a but i could be wrong.

EDIT: yea i am.
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hmm i think its in dropped c... but thats not so important yyou can play it in both tunings. hmm if youre good in downstroking try them, sounds jsut more metal. but if its to fast, and its very fast, then use alternate picking
its not in c standard. well.it sort of is. tune the guitar to c standard, then drop the low e string so its tuned to Bb. and regarding yoru question, i kinda came up with my own little alterate picking scheme for the intro. its kind of complicated to explain but that song is much easier to alternate pick then it is to downstroke.