Okay, so me and a friend to go one time out and busk at a local mall.

We need to try to make a list of about 10 songs to play.

The criteria is that they should be songs generally known and 4/5 people will know on the spot.

I want it to be able to fill up about 45 minutes until we have to start repeating again.

More than 10 is fine to list, thats just a starting place.

These songs should be somewhat easy, nothing too crazy.

The instruments that we have access and ability to play are electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, custom percussions (street drums).

Also note that singing is not something that is desirable, but if the song is easy enough to sing, thats fine.
John Frusciante
Jeff Beck
Matt Bellamy
Jack White

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if your not singing, its not really gonna be recognisable, but if you do sing, i recomend jack johnson, banana pancakes and better together are my favourites when im busking.
I'd say stick to well known classic's, mainstreem stuff is usally the stuff you'd want to play.
If you Busk, either play really, really known songs really, really well or play not very well known songs so the majority of the people think its an original composition. Also, be diverse so you can hit on multiple tastes.

Try stuff by City and Colour, Jack Johnson, Santana, Stone Temple Pilots, and Oasis (avoid Don't Look Back and Wonderwall).
ok..you have to take into consideration that its a mall and there will be more teenage girls than anything ( i know that sounds stereotypical even though i'm a girl myself =D)
so play something that many teenage girls may be into.
e.g fall out boy..etc

oh and play some classic songs...sorry cant think of any at the top of my head
Yesterdays or Blackbird-Beatles
Island in the Sun-Weezer
Wanted Dead or Alive-Bon Jovi (i hat bon jovi, but everyone knows the song)
Karma Police or Fake Plastic Trees-Radiohead
The Other Side-RHCP
Tangled up in Blue or Like A Rolling Stone or Knockin on Heavens Door--Bob Dylan

^ Those usually work forme pretty well so have at it
beatles and dylan should do the trick
is there anybody in there?
acoustic versions of rock songs are good too...try acoustics of some of the new killers stuff like spaceman or dustland fairy tale, or use somebody by kings of leon. Even acoustics of umbrella by rihanna, and 7 things i hate about you by mily cyrus can be made to sound good acoustically.

or a song like collide by howie day,
Seven Nation army
blowin in the wind
here comes the sun
little help from my freinds
the boxer
I'm not really sure if people cares about what you play. Example is super-famous "naked cowboy" gig, which wouldn't be less popular with different song selection. Just pick something you will enjoy and stand for - maybe you'll find someone who will enjoy your kind of music same as you do. 
This one by America always seems to rivet passersby


[h]America Lyrics[/h]

  "Pigeon Song"
 Well, I had me a pigeon
By the name of Fred
But I done shot him
In the head
Had me a railroad
Down on the ridge
But I done blowed up
The bridge
Had me a dog
He was my best friend
But to him
I done put an end
Had me a farm
Sittin' pretty on the hill
But if you look
You'll see it ain't there still
I don't know why I done it
Honest, it ain't like me
But I ain't sad now I done it
'Cause a baby boy has got to be free