Pretty simple question. Iv been getting more and more into playing my acoustic guitar, and I'm planning on getting an acoustic-electric towards the beginning of next year, so I've also been looking at acoustic amplifiers. I don't need anything too special, so I was thinking about getting a Marshall AS50D. I know tubes are preferred on the electric side of things, so the question is are they also preferred in acoustic amps? Also if anyone has any suggestion, feel free to share.
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Most acoustic amps are extremely clean SS amps. Sometimes they have extra controls for feedback and such and usually an input for a mic.

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Tubes are mainly wanted for the overdriven sound. Solid state is usually what's used to amplify acoustic. In fact, I know a guy who plays his Ibanez acoustic-electric through a Roland JC120 and it sounds great.
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What doesn't kill you,only makes you pissed off.