Ok, well with all these sales goin on I want to get a new guitar. I'm looking for something to replace my Epiphone Les Paul. I want something that sounds similar but with a better lead tone, longer scale lengh, and Jumbo frets.

I'm looking at two guitars:
Schecter C-1 blackjack
Schecter C-1 Cassic

Ok so a few questions.

1. Whats the differance between the neck pickups? The blackjack has a 59' the classic has a Jazz SH-2. (both have JB bridge pickups)

2. Next, does the maple top on the classic affect tone or is it just there to look sexy?

3. If I get the classic can I take the pickup covers off?

I'm looking for a tone like Neil Zaza. (my hero) In particular his songs:
I'm alright
Town Without Pity

Any help would be apricated.
Also if you know any other guitars (under 800) that fit what I want WITHOUT A DOUBLE LOCKING TREM (single locking is fine) feel free to suggest.

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Lots O' Love!

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Classic... I don't really like Schecters but if you have to pick between those two, go with the classic